Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Restorations

Posted by SEDRO WOOLLEY FAMILY DENTAL CENTER on Oct 22 2021, 04:38 AM

Dental Implant Restorations
Missing teeth are a significant deterrent to chewing, biting, smiling, and even social interactions. Fortunately, dentistry offers solutions to restore missing teeth to improve your appearance and health.
Dental implant restoration as an alternative to replace missing teeth is gaining popularity day by day. And Dr. Hansrolf H. Gruener and Dr. Tristan J. Stone at Sedro-Woolley, Washington, provide durable restorations that look and feel like natural teeth. Whether you’re missing one tooth or more, implant restorations are a viable alternative.

What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

Tooth decay, infection, trauma, or advanced diseases can lead to missing teeth. In such cases, dental implant restoration helps to replace a missing tooth with an artificial one. The prosthetic tooth is then placed on top of an implanted root fused with the jaw bone. The implant is a titanium screw that serves as a teeth root and base for an artificial tooth or crown.
Over time, prosthetic teeth can get worn down, just like natural teeth. And if it happens, you have the option of replacing the old artificial tooth with new ones without removing the dental implant. 

What Are The Options In Dental Implant Restoration?

When it comes to dental implant restoration at Sedro-Woolley, you have many choices in materials and implant types. Artificial teeth are generally made of durable materials like porcelain, acrylic resin, and porcelain. They’re custom-made to match your teeth’ structure. So at the end of the procedure, you get teeth that feel and appear just like your natural teeth.
For dental implant types, you have the option of crowns, dentures, and bridges. If you’re replacing just one tooth, dentists usually recommend a dental crown. Whereas, if you’re missing multiple teeth, then dentures or bridges are more appropriate. With dental bridges, you can restore multiple missing teeth in the same part of your mouth. Denture implants can replace missing teeth on different sides of your mouth.
What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implant Restoration?
There are several aesthetic and health benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental implants, such as:
  • Refined teeth and facial structure
  • Chewing and biting functionality of teeth is restored
  • Dental implants are durable and  long-lasting
  • Worn down prosthetic teeth can be easily replaced
  • Improvement in speech

Get hassle-free dental implant restorations at Sedro-Woolley Family Dental Center. Get an appointment with our experienced dentists by calling us at 360-855-0351 or drop-in at 830 Metcalf St, Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284.

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Welcome to Your Smile Shop!
You are more than just your teeth. Let our passion for personalized dentistry be the reason why you smile.
Welcome to Your Smile Shop!
You are more than just your teeth. Let our passion for personalized dentistry be the reason why you smile.
Welcome to Your Smile Shop!
You are more than just your teeth. Let our passion for personalized dentistry be the reason why you smile.
Welcome to Your Smile Shop!
You are more than just your teeth. Let our passion for personalized dentistry be the reason why you smile.
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